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Since 2014 Solfinite Energy Company Helping Clients.

Solfinite Energy isn’t just a company; it’s a consortium of visionary technocrats united by a single mission that renewable energy reaches every home, directly or indirectly. Established in 2014, we embarked on our journey as a research and consulting firm, but our vision extended far beyond that.

Driven by innovation and unwavering commitment to sustainability, we have evolved into a powerhouse of comprehensive solutions. Our expertise spans the entire spectrum of solar energy and energy management

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Services We Offer


Use Sun’s affordable & Clean energy to meet your electricity demand. You can save on your monthly electricity bills...

Water Heating Solution

One can use Sun's heat for domestic and industrial water heating purpose to reduce electricity consumption of geyser/boiler...

Solar Street Lights

Light up your world with solar street light which comes from 3 to 60 Watts. Get all in one system or integrated system, we also make...

Electrical Safety Audit

In today’s world, where individual load requirements are huge but the supply of electrical wiring/cables remain the same...

Our Values

Continuous Improvement

Be it our business life, social life or personal life, it deserves to be constantly improved, we relentlessly pursue continuous improvement as our guiding force.


Through the progress of all stakeholders, we create a successful and sustainable environment for our customers, our community & our people.


Our technological innovation helps us improve & accelerate our technological edge over competition.


We uphold the highest standards of honesty, integrity, and ethical conduct in all our interactions, ensuring trust and transparency in everything we do.

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Serene Park, Nashik.

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