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Darshan Manjare

Creativity starts with nature, Nature inspires creativity. In daily life we depend directly and indirectly on nature. Everything that happens in nature takes time. Although man is dependent on nature, it is frightening to see these things as the son of a farmer while ignoring nature. Because the farmer knows how much effort and time it takes to harvest a grain and some things are not important as they are easily obtained from nature. And it is more visible when you go to a city like Mumbai. Having experienced rural life up close, I have tried to show rural culture, life and rural life changing over time through my artwork Agriculture and soil are closely related. Soil is a medium representing rural life and agriculture, so I have tried to present some of my artwork in terracotta medium and various other mediums.
— Artist Spotlight

Suraj Kamble

The realities of societies and groups and their treatment is what interests me. Through my art I want to highlight the plight of people who do not have a voice. By presenting the truth in visual form, I want society to wake up and take corrective action. In these current works. I have tried to focus on the condition of sewage cleaners and garbage collectors. Thousands have perished because of lack of safety and inhuman treatment by fellow humans. I have highlighted their current status in the hope of waking up people to harsh realities of today and making them act in a humane and responsible manner.
— Artist Spotlight

Akansha Patil

Akanksha ‘s artwork emerges from a deep personal response to events happening around her. She uses symbolism to form a personal visual vocabulary that reflects the storm of feelings and memories inside her. It speaks volumes about the constant yearning that everyone in the world holds towards their home. The fact that Saudade is essentially untranslatable in its intensity when we are living in the age of unprecedented mobility. Millions of people leave their home every year, some perhaps for pursuing relationships or career, many forced out by war or natural disasters. At a time when the very planet we live on is transforming into an unfamiliar place, our sense of Home – and what it means to miss it – may be challenged at its core. She further explores how objects can be markers of identity and how these may be reworked in contemporary contexts. By abstracting the structures inherent to the objects, she aims to invoke a sense of uneasy familiarity that inspires an alternative appreciation of familiar forms. She uses Cardboard as a medium here that symbolises packaging, moving or storing. Being malleable, inexpensive and easy to upcycle, cardboard allows to craft her work with sustainability and provides an eco-friendly kick to it. Repurposing, reusing, recycling and creative thinking about environment and about solutions to our global problem fills her with hope. Her work brings some great examples of upcycling on the table that is rarely being seen anywhere else and definitely deserves to be seen.
— Artist Spotlight

Rohan Anvekar

Rohan’s honest concern towards environmental issues is reflected in his artworks. Through his works, he explores the relationship of humans with nature. He observes and tries to express the mundane beyond its reality. His visual elements revolve around the mythical and fictional world and involve drama and fantasy and reflect social and environmental issues & day today life. The surrealistic styled paintings depict scenarios where there is a role reversal – animals and nature treating humans the way humans treat nature. Rohan uses satire to build awareness amongst the viewers and evoke self- introspection. Rohan’s sculptural video installation titled “Akrosh” 2020 – 21, was a part of the Student’s Biennale, Kochi-Muziris Biennale 2020, online edition. He experiments with various mediums like drawing, sculpture, and installation art, to express his visual language. Rohan V. Anvekar completed his MFA in Creative Painting from Sir J. J. School of Art, Mumbai, Maharashtra in 2021, He currently lives and works in Mumbai.
— Artist Spotlight

Prasad Mestri

A journey from Colonial layered academic education to a very indigenous idiom of Prasad is an alluring one. While looking at the world as an ideal, with a formalistic eye Prasad deviated to an inward vision, that of his surroundings, a tribal community region around his hometown Dahanu. His works are observations of the tribal culture, but with a discerning eye of a modern Indian. Taking forms and narratives of the tribal groups in Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh, Prasad has presented their beliefs, their rituals, their world, interwoven in his own narrative of modernity. His works have beautifully captured their ecology, choosing the parts which could be inculcated today for a more peaceful sustainable living. His style and colours retain the vivacity and momentum of these communities who remain vibrant and rooted, like nature which is constantly changing and balanced. Prasad’s works open vistas to a new idiom of a Postmodern traditionalist who we shall look forward in days to come.
— Artist Spotlight

Shivani Dubey

The past the present and the future are an infinite continuum in many theologies, like the Jain in India. Recently many theories around the world are exploring the idea of time having multiple dimensions like space; such that the linearity of time we understand today many diminish soon. Shivani’s works take one to this realm of info site possibilities as she brings the prehistoric creations and her own together in one tangible space. Exploring various printmaking techniques, her works give a feeling of passage through space and time, where we are witness to a multiverse communication and are also conversing. Inspired by Bhimbetka, Shivani rather than merely representing, impersonates the then living. Her work comprises the historicity; with her multifaced heads Shivani brings in a strange emotiveness to the floating forms. The use of digital to depict the ancient blurs the timelines. These works take one to a strange and every illusive universe, looking inside and outside, back and forth simultaneously.
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